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How to Get the Most Out of Your Cigna Dental Insurance

Cigna is a tried-and-true insurance company that has been around for decades. Helping individuals take proper care of their oral healthcare needs, it’s no surprise that they are often partnered with dentists who want to help their patients pay less for the care they receive. At Skillman Family Dentistry, we are pleased to be a Cigna dentist in Dallas you and your family can count on. With a clear focus on preventive care, we will do our best to keep your smile healthy and free of any decay or damage while also helping you get the most out of your benefits each time you come in for an appointment. If you have questions about your policy, don’t hesitate to contact our office for help.

Cigna Coverage Availability & Fees

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The breakdown of benefits for Cigna plans may look something like the following:

  • 100% preventive services
  • 80% minor restorative services
  • 50% major restorative services

While the level of coverage may be similar, the monthly premium you will pay as well as your deductible and annual maximum are unlikely to be the same. This is because Cigna offers many different plans. This is why it’s important that you allow our team to review your policy and help you make the right decisions about your oral healthcare costs.

If you choose someone who is in-network with Cigna (like our dental team), you can expect to pay less for the care you receive. Since preventive and restorative treatments are negotiated with Cigna professionals, we can assure you that you will pay a set, low fee for these services each time you come in for treatment.

However, you are under no obligation to choose an in-network dentist. If we are not in-network with your particular dental insurance plan, do not worry. You will still receive the same high-quality treatment; however, you’ll likely be required to pay more for the services you receive.

Meet Our Team

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Understanding your dental insurance doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task. Instead, you can reach out to a member of our qualified team for help! Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your plan by maximizing your benefits, attempting to understand whether you’re covered for a particular form of treatment, or you just want to avoid losing valuable dollars at the end of the year, we can help you navigate your insurance policy in a way that you clearly understand. We’ll even file the necessary paperwork and claims on your behalf, ensuring that your visit is as stress-free as possible.